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Dispatches from the Edge

By Anderson Cooper

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From one of America’s leading reporters comes a deeply personal, extraordinarily powerful look at the most volatile crises he has witnessed around the world, from New Orleans to Baghdad and beyond.

Dispatches from the Edge of the World is a book that gives us a rare up-close glimpse of what happens when the normal order of things is suddenly turned upside down, whether it’s a natural disaster, a civil war, or a heated political battle. Over the last year, few people have witnessed more scenes of chaos and conflict than Anderson Cooper, whose groundbreaking coverage on CNN has become the touchstone of twenty-first century journalism. This book explores in a very personal way the most important - and most dangerous - crises of our time, and the surprising impact they have had on his life.

From the devastating tsunami in South Asia to the suffering Niger, and ultimately Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Cooper shares his own experiences of traversing the globe, covering the world’s most astonishing stories. As a television journalist, he has the gift of speaking with an emotional directness that cuts through the barriers of the medium. In his first book, that passion communicates itself through a rich fabric of memoir and reportage, reflection and first-person narrative. Unflinching and utterly engrossing, this is the story of an extraordinary year in a reporter’s life.


  • Good Read

    By Alduin(world eater)
    He has a very elegant and suave style of writing. It's very easy to understand and really lets you experience the emotion.
  • Wow

    By Abby Ann
    Absolutely heart-breaking and amazing. Emotional thoughtful journalism at its' best. Thank you Mr. Cooper.
  • Great book

    By IKaplan
    Fantastic book.......great read!!!
  • Cooper is the bees knees!

    By Farrah A
    Loved it! Defiantly would recommend this.
  • A Deeply Moving and Honest Book

    By Rebeekles
    As it's said in the author's note, Anderson Cooper went to great lengths to preserve the factual integrity of this book, and it shows. Reading this book paints a vivid portrait of what it was like on the ground during some of the past 20 years' most turbulent events, from Somalia to Hurricane Katrina. Interwoven though the account of these events is Cooper's own personal story, a gripping history of love and mourning. Read this book. It's fantastic.