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All the Sauce

By Toni Aleo

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Owen Adler has spent his whole life being half of a matched set. But when his twin brother Evan leaves hockey—and him—behind on the Carolina IceCats, Owen finds he has to skate a new path on his own.

Angie Paxton knows a lot about being on her own. She pushed Nashville, and the trauma she experienced there, to the back of her mind and started over in South Carolina. And though she’s blooming where she planted herself both academically and professionally, emotionally, she’s been struggling under the weight of her past.

Owen has had a thing for Angie since they were kids, but she would never give him the time of day. Now that they’re reconnecting as adults, they quickly find they want to spend all their days together. Angie is struggling to let go of the insecurities that plague her, but growing up Adler has made Owen an expert at getting what he wants. And for him, Angie is the only goal worth making.


  • 😍

    By Mommy1122
    Worth the wait 🥰😍🥰😍🤩😘 🏒
  • A Hat Trick!!!

    By Bulldog66fan
    What a great read! Toni did a great job portraying her characters! I love how Owen has a lot of his dad in him!
  • Move over Shea Adler, there is a new Adler man to take over everyone’s top book boyfriend spot!

    By momtryingtoread
    Move over Shea Adler, there is a new Adler man to take over everyone’s top book boyfriend spot! We finally have Owen Adler’s book and he has all the best attributes of his dad while still being his own man. I am absolutely here for this next generation of Assassin’s players kids! It’s hard for me to put into words how much this book really meant to me. As is the norm for a Toni Aleo book, she tackles some really tough issues, and this one includes anxiety and body image. I really related to how Angie felt about herself and my heart really hurt for her, but the way Owen handled everything was just perfect, and his words even helped me feel better! Both of those characters might not be what others considered perfect, and I love that Owen was considered a little “fluffy” too. Their so called flaws made them both relatable and even more lovable. The relationship between Owen and Angie is relatively drama free (but with all the heat) so we really get to see them build a strong relationship throughout the book. We also get to see a different side of hockey in this book, which is dealing with player’s mental health and how to help them. This was a beautiful story of not only finding love when you least expect it, but learning to love yourself no matter what.
  • Opposites attract

    By CM DeOliveira
    All the Sauce A great mixture of serious current social issues, hilarious dialogue, and over the top romantic jesters with a big side of cockiness. I absolutely loved the way their families were incorporated into the storyline they were some of my favorite scenes. Owen Adler is not feeling like himself now that his twin has left him. His hockey game maybe better but he feels an emptiness without his brother. He runs into Angie Paxton the girl that hated him growing and she’s caught his attention. He likes what he sees even though she is skittish and has shelf doubt. He is determined to make her see herself the way he sees her and win her heart in the process. Angela Paxton has been having struggles the last few years and she does not need Owen Adler to add to her issues. She hated him when they were younger and he is probably still as annoying and full of himself now. Angie just wants to finish school so she can start her dream job. Owen has ideas of his own and Angie better be ready for all the cockiness and determination that is Owen Adler.
  • It’s the best book !

    By Becky K72
    When I started reading this book I knew I wanted to know more about these characters because they were my favorites from the time they were kids. I always loved Angie Paxton and all of the Adler kids. Toni gave me more than I had hoped for in this book. This book is a must read for anyone who has struggled with self confidence. It’s a great journey for Angie to be able see the way Owen sees her through his eyes. The way she builds her self confidence is awesome. I felt like this way very relatable to me. I was rooting for this couple the whole time. This is a must read!
  • Another must read

    By AbsoluteB
    Ms. Aleo delivers another home run. This is the story of Owen Adler and Angie Paxton. Angie has been through the ringer over the years and is at a low point personally. Professionally she is excelling bringing mental health awareness to the NHL. Which is how she runs back into Evan and Owen Adler, the Adler twins. Owen is trying to be the best brother to his struggling twin by supporting his mental health journey and in doing that he finds his person. Despite how much Angie tries to resist Owen, she can't deny their chemistry. Angie struggle is how she feels about herself and Owen is there every step of the way. I love the way Toni embraces mental health and body positivity in this book and all that came before.
  • Should be “All the FEELS”!

    Owen Adler and Angie Paxton have known each other for what seems a lifetime, moving in the same circles or extended families and it only serves to make their relationship so much better and believable and inevitable! Sweet but still steamy, I absolutely love these slow burn relationships Toni gives us! You can’t help but root for them amidst their separate battles! It never ceases to amaze me! The perfect timing she has releasing her books to what is so relevant going on in real life at the time bring awareness to some of the most sensitive subjects!
  • Love Angie and Owen!

    By dicart65
    Toni Aleo never ceases to amaze me with each new book! Owen and Angie are my new favorites. They both have insecurities to overcome - click now to read!
  • Wow! Watch out for this Adler!

    By sumpnsup
    This book is so amazing. I love that we have seen Owen and Angie grow up if you have read the Assassins books byToni Aleo. If you haven’t you aren’t going to be lost, it just makes it even better. Owen is a twin and his twin Evan had been on the Ice Cats hockey team with him, but he ended up leaving because he was having problems with his mental health. Owen has never been away from his brother and he has to make a lot of adjustments. Angie works with a mental health group that specifically helps athletes and she gets in contact with Owen and they become friends again. Owen pursues her and Angie, who has her own issues about her body does not make things easy. She left Nashville and is avoiding her family. Owen (like most of his family) does not take no for an answer. Everyone had always called Owen cocky and just going from woman to woman, but in truth he was waiting for the right woman. That woman is Angela Lynn Paxton. She has no idea that he is going to keep going until her confidence is back to where it should be.
  • All the stars

    By runt_30
    I absolutely adored Owen and Angie’s story! Their parents’ stories are two of my all time favorites from Toni and All the Sauce rivals them for the top spot in my heart! Owen Adler is absolutely amazing! A hot hockey hunk who has a heart of gold, who’s super sweet and caring, and still protective and strong. Absolute perfection! Angie is wonderful too! A strong driven woman who is dealing with her inner demons while still trying her best to help others. It was so refreshing to see a female main character who not only looks like me but who also deals with the same issues that I face as a plus sized woman. I 100% adored this story. Five stars! 10/10 definitely recommend!