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By Mollie Hemingway

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Stunned by the turbulence of the 2020 election, millions of Americans are asking the forbidden question: what really happened?

It was a devastating triple punch. Capping their four-year campaign to destroy the Trump presidency, the media portrayed a Democratic victory as necessary and inevitable. Big Tech, wielding unprecedented powers, vaporized dissent and erased damning reports about the Biden family's corruption. And Democratic operatives, exploiting a public health crisis, shamelessly manipulated the voting process itself. Silenced and subjected, the American people lost their faith in the system.

RIGGED is the definitive account of the 2020 election. Based on Mollie Hemingway's exclusive interviews with campaign officials, reporters, Supreme Court justices, and President Trump himself, it exposes the fraud and cynicism behind the Democrats' historic power-grab.

Rewriting history is a specialty of the radical left, now in control of America's political and cultural heights. But they will have to contend with the determination, insight, and eloquence of Mollie Hemingway. RIGGED is a reminder for weary patriots that truth is still the most powerful weapon. The stakes for our democracy have never been higher.


  • Yup

    By BeardedCactus
    Who’s got the meth pipe? Fox News didn’t give me my weekly supply. ;(
  • Rigged

    By Hasi 578
    Unbiased ,Fact based and honest. This book confirmed in more details what Molly Ball mentioned in Times Magazine article of a shadow campaign which rigged the 2020 Election!
  • Rigged

    By 55KTW
    Very well written and sad to understand the state of our corruption within our political leadership in Washington. Sad that our country is imploding with the hatred of the left, the Democrats. Not what our forefathers wanted of America. Well written
  • Rigged

    By Earl sez
    If you get your “news” via fox and the like this is your kind of trash.