Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns - Alex Berenson by  Alex Berenson PDF Download

Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns

By Alex Berenson

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Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson turns to the most controversial aspect of the coronavirus epidemic - vaccinations - in the fourth installment of the best-selling Unreported Truths series. When Pfizer and Moderna announced in November that their mRNA vaccines had cut coronavirus infections by 95 percent with few side effects, the world rejoiced. But in the months since, the truth has proven to be far more complex. Countries like Israel and Britain have seen sharp short-term spikes in coronavirus cases and deaths following the beginning of mass vaccination campaigns. Many people have reported severe side effects after being vaccinated. Yet media outlets and public health authorities have largely ignored any potential risks as they encourage everyone, even young people at almost no risk from Covid, to be vaccinated. Berenson offers a more nuanced perspective, explaining both the risks and benefits of the new Covid vaccines - with a focus on the risks, since those have not been covered. Like earlier Unreported Truths booklets, Part 4 draws on verifiable and checkable sources, including government documents, scientific papers, and news articles. It will give you a new perspective on the pros and cons of these new vaccines - and the truthful and accurate information you will not find anywhere else. Please note: This ebook contains only the fourth section of Unreported Truths. The earlier sections are available separately.


  • A data driven, unbiased read about COVID vaccines

    By BGreenzweig
    Berenson does it again with an unbiased, fact based and data supported booklet that helps one understand the real pros and cons of COVID vaccines. He comes across as a King Solomon, willing to slice the baby in half in order to discover truth. This is the kind of reporting I wish was more prevalent these days...